Are you looking for a fast and reliable laundry service that makes you feel re-fresh whenever you put on your normal wear?
Located close to Ben Thanh Market, Independence Palace and Tao Dan Park in Ho Chi Minh City, F5 Laundry is built up for your need.
With criteria "Wash separately, fragrant dried, pick up & deliver to your place" F5 Laundry is not only gives you the feeling of absolute comfort when wearing clothes smelling clean, but also clearly bring mentally sharp as a green environment, clean in each of our activities!
Here is how F5 Laundry will treat your clothes:
  • Sort them by colors.
  • Wash separately with hot/cold water and well-known detergents (absolutely not with other people clothes! And Yes, your special items will be put in mesh bags for safety and long use,….)
  • Dry (natural or by dryer machine with dryer sheets – your choices)
  • Folded and put in our reusable laundry bag.
  • Delivery to your place!
Let find out more about How it work, and about our fair prices with eco-friendly home laundry service now!