When do you pick up and deliver?

Simply call us at 0909.13.12.14 to tell us when you'd like your laundry to be picked-up. We can be at your home or office between 8 am – 7 pm from Monday through Saturday or from 10 am - 11 am on Sunday.

What form of payment do you accept?

We take cash only! You could paid us by USD or VNĐ, $1 = 21,000 VNĐ

How do I get my laundry bag?

Once you order the service, bags will be delivered to your residence shortly thereafter. Only $1 deposit for 1 reusable bag!

Can you do “in-rush” service?

We can usually accommodate In-Rush service request. Depend on the specific situation, we could return everything clean and folded in our reusable bags within 4-6 hours. We charge $2 fee for most In-Rush orders.

Do you operate on holidays?

We don’t operate on the following Holidays: July 4, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, 28-29-30-Day 1-Day 2- Day 3 of Lunar New Year.

Do I need to sort my laundry before you pick it up?

You SHOULD separate items that you need special treatment from your laundry item and leave your note in the bags. Other than that, lights, darks, whites…LEAVE THE SORTING TO US!

Do you do Dry-Cleaning?

Even though we don't do dry-cleaning service, but we could take care your dry – cleaning items by sending them to our partner without additional charge (if you’re our customer) or $2 service fee. Please feel free to check their prices here
Suit 2 piece Man 90.000
Suit 2 piece woman 80.000
Vest M/F 60.000
Dress Shirt 30.000
Tshirt 25.000
Slacks/Trousers/Jeans 30.000
Shorts 20.000
Skirt 30.000
Ao Dai (2 pc) M/F 90.000
Ao Dai (1 pc) M/F 60.000
Dress ( short - long) 55.000
Evening Dress 90.000 - 130.000
Wedding dress 155.000
Undershirt/Brassiere 8.000
Underwear M/F 5.000
Pajama M/F 25.000
Socks (pair) 8.000
Necktie 15.000
Scarf 25.000
Coat / Sweater ( thin) 50.000
Suede & Leather Coat 90.000
Over coat 90.000
Bed sheet (thin) 35.000
Bed Cover (thin) 45.000
Duvet 45.000
Pillow 45.000
Pillow case 20.000
Bathrobe 70.000
towel / small - M- L 8.000-15.000-20.000
Blanket (Thin) 100.000
Blanket (Thick) 130.000
Table Cloth 35.000
Shoes 50.000 - 80.000
Hand Bags 70.000-160.000
Hat 35.000
Curtains (KG) 40.000-50.000
Carpet (KG) 45.000
Stuff animals 40.000-110.000

What if there is a problem with my order?

Please notify our Customer Service within 24 hours of your drop-off if there is an issue with a missing or damage item.