YES, you could google and try to remember millions of laundry tips.

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Washing clothes properly

  1. Arranging & sorting clothes is the most essential
  2. You should arrange and sort clothes by color:
    • Whiteness: need to be washed separately, otherwise the color clothes will affect them. Your white clotheswill not white anymore.
    • Brightness: divided into various groups such as: very light, light color ...
    • Darkness: should be washed separately, separated with white, light clothes if you don't want your dark ones covered by the tiny white fabric after washing.
    • Fabric: clothes have same kind should be washed together.
  3. Fade colored clothes
  4. For the first washing, clothes should be wash by hands or wash each item separately. If there is a color, the advice is that you should put them in the vinegar & soak in one night, then washed with water. Vinegar will help keep the color and not fade. This will secure for all others when washing together with them later.
  5. Do not let the washed clothes in the washing machine too long
  6. When the process of washing cycle has finished, you must quickly take clothes out and natural dry or iron. Do not leave them in the washing machine too long, this will make the clothes become wrinkled. Even if you let them over a night, that would be moldy.
  7. Special attention about underwear
  8. For underwear, they are easy to wear and stretch quickly if washing along with many other clothing products. Ideally, you should wash them by hands with cold water. If not, you should put them seperately in the mesh bag when washing in the washing machine.
  9. Prevent discoloration
  10. Your fevourite black jeans will no longer dark and beautiful as the origin after a few times of washing. Please note back side of pants before washing. This will effectively reduce color fade. In addition, you should also pay attention to the water temperature, cold water is best suited for dark products.
  11. Do not "fill" full the washing machine
  12. If the amount of clothing "overload" in a time, it will cause problems not only for washing machines but also affect the efficient cleaning. Clothing will move into a cohesive mass, can not stir or shake according reels of water and washing powder will not flow perfectly. Accordingly, the clothes will not be cleaned completely. Even stains and unpleasant odors remain unchanged.

Benefits of using the dryer

  • Dryer helps dry clothes. With a modern dryer, you can skip the natural dry step, preserving the scent of fabric softener & the softness, especially suitable for families with children having continuous washing cycles or lack of natural dry space.
  • Using clothes dryer instead of natural dry, the clothes colors will be brighter because they are not affected by UV as when exposed to sunlight, especially to avoid the white or light textiles such as white shirts, bed sheets, table cloths from dull yellow blaze; whiter and more luxurious.
  • Drying clothes won't be stretched by hanging on hooks when they are wet. After taking off from the dryer, clothes can be worn right away or folded in the closet without moldy smell. When setting up drying time, remember to moisture clothes a little longer if you want to iron them thereafter.
  • Air pollution due to dust from transport vehicles making exposed clothes, blankets stick the smoke. Use dryer not only saves time but also helps cleaning clothes more durabl , cleaner and more fragrant.

Itchy clothes while wearing ? Piece of cake !

Well-known washing machine, best laundry detergent but clothes still cause itching or even clothes just finished washing, why?
  • Itchy clothes due to washing powder was not dissolved during washing and still cling in fabric clothes. When you move, sweating and washing powder sticking to the skin or cause us to itch. To overcome this, it is best to use washing laundry water instead of washing laundry detergent when using washing machine, not cramming too many clothes when washing (preferably less than ¾ permissible weight) . At the same time, you should choose the cleaning mode 30oC or 40oC hot water, this will help soften the fabric, washing water to completely dissolve during washing and kill bacteria.
    (Note: for wool clothes, just wash with cold water only !)
  • In addition, some people have sensitive skin will be allergic to types of fabric softener. Therefore, if you want more fragrant clothes without using fabric softener, you can use paper Bounce to dryer the clothes or leave a few pieces of paper Bounce in the closet.
F5 Laundry only uses the best washing water & fabric softener on the market: Tide ( made ​​in USA ), Omo Matic, Ariel and Downy. In particular, we have Purex water detergent (made in USA) dedicated for the baby's clothes. Besides, seperated & modern washer and dryer such as Maytag Modern (USA), LG help F5 Laundry confidently ensure that 100% clothes are washed, fragrant dried and completely not cause itching !