F5 Laundry

Is an eco-friendly home laundry service that pick up and deliver right to your front door. We truly understand that you just don’t have enough time! Let us help you have some FREE time to spend with friends and family. Time is valuable and laundry is a bore. So why not let F5 eco- friendly home laundry service do it for you?

Our Tools

Modern Technology Machines:  MaytagLG.
Made in Vietnam Detergent and Softener:  Omo MaticArielDownyComfort.
Made in USA Detergent and Softener:  AllGainTideKirklandDowny.
Baby Detergent:  Purex (USA)
Dryer Sheets:  BounceDowny.

Our Goal

To improve people's lives and the environment by providing eco-friendly home laundry services that meet customers' changing lifestyles.

Our Mission

To be Ho Chi Minh City's preferred provider of superior laundry services.